Rap Music And Its Influence On The Culture Essay example

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Since its inception, rap music has proven itself to be one of the most controversial, colorful and loved genres in the country. From the sweet, soulful rhymes of A Tribe Called Quest to the hard-hitting, political bars of N.W.A. and now to today’s hybrid of singing and rapping that has taken the youth by storm, rap music has been an integral part of American for a long time now. The people at Sprite have set out to grab a unique part of the market by siding their product with rap music in the new ad campaign “Obey Your Verse.” By putting lyrics of famous rap songs on the cans, Sprite is probably hoping to make customers have a pleasant, nostalgic response to the drink. With music comes emotions, and Sprite also might want to capture the good feelings that emanate from these songs and have that feeling linked with the product. In line with pop culture’s recent acceptance of rap music, Sprite may be trying to make the drink seem just as cool as the music and culture that it is endorsing. Also, capitalizing off of some off-kilter activities of the youth, Sprite could want to use the link between hip-hop and drug use to gain more revenue. By appealing to it’s audience with pathos and ethos, Sprite is trying to associate itself with things that are good and cool in an attempt to gain more customers.
Incorporating classic rappers into the campaign allows Sprite to capitalize on the nostalgia that the memory of the music brings to their audience of rap fans. Sprite only uses one…

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