Rap Music And Its Effects On American Culture Essay

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When it comes to vulgarity and misogyny, most people agree that rap music can be extremely and unnecessarily offensive; however this agreement usually dissolves when considering the art and interpretation of this genre of music. Supporters of the free expression of hip hop music argue that controversial lyrics can often bring attention to greater issues in society and that rap is simply a poetic expression of the African-American culture and history. According to rapper Jay-Z, rap has done more than any leader or politician to improve race relations in America. For example, rapper Diddy created a slogan, “Barack the Vote”, in 2008 to encourage young adults to vote for Barack Obama. That movement was powerful and successful but the negative effects of this culture outweigh the positive effects. For example, hip-hop culture encompasses street codes of behavior and an overall defiance of social convention. In 2007, the Colorado Springs police reported that gangsta rap (a version of hip hop) was contributing to the increase in violence and criminal activity. “We don’t want to broad-brush hip-hop music altogether,” said Lt. Skip Arms, a police spokesman, “but we’re looking at a subcomponent that typically glorifies, promotes criminal behavior and demeans women.” (nytimes.com 2007) Analyzing the negative effects of rap music is worthy of a continued conversation because of the significant influence rap music has over today’s black youth. My own view is that hip-hop culture is…

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