Rap Music And Hip Hop Music Essay

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What is rap music? How was the person who created Rap music created? Rap or Hip-hop music is, a person that can rap to the beat of a song. Rap music wasn’t created by one single person, it is a collection of people that made this particular genre of music. The rap industry is not just a genre of music it has its own, cultural persona. Rap music has its own lingo, and style of dress. This goes for every generation of rap including the 1970s through late 2000s. Hip hop didn’t just reach African American people, Rap music reached people all over the world. Rap music has become a phenomenon that people of all races can relate to in the style of music. This research paper is about this history and evolution of hip-hop music from the 1970s through late 2015. Nevertheless 1970s and 1980s was a pivotal time in hip hop music history this period of time laid the groundwork for modern hip hop and culture today. “In the early '70s, when I was about 13 or 14 and disco was monopolizing the mainstream airwaves, the rap movement was just being born” (The hip hop network). Early hip hop artists started making their way from the underground music scene. Each artists made themselves stand out because their ability to relate to other people. “In the early 80s, rappers began appearing on MTV and gained greater exposure. Run-DMC crossed over in mid-decade and the genre began appearing on the charts.” (The Hip Hop Network). Hip hop music was used as a weapon to speak out about life…

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