Rap Artists And Its Effects On Society Essay

810 Words Jul 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Many rap artists defame women, especially blacks, with degrading lyrics, denigrating women with the letter of their songs or their music videos. In these videos they are constantly exposing women as sexual objects and with no sentimental value. These songs try hide the true trauma under the false profile of manhood. The source of this problem is believed to be because of anger against the mother, because most likely these artists come from a childhood full of cruelty. It is possible that these artists developed an intense hate that unconsciously emerge with their songs. Being present this anger in the lyrics of their songs in an almost autobiographical way. Probably these artists want to expose to the world the cruelties suffered in their childhood, but no directly confronting their abusive mother. “Every time one turned on BET (Black Entertainment Television) or MTV, one encountered a disturbing music video: Black men rapped surrounded by dozens of black and Latina women dressed in bathing suits, or scantily clad in some other fashion. Video after video proved the same, each one more objectifying than the former. Some took place in strip clubs, some at the pool, at the beach, or in hotel rooms, but recurrent theme was dozens of half-naked women.” There are many examples of videos with this nature. In these songs the artists refer to women as an unpleasant, dirty and obscene thing. He wants to show an absurd huge masculinity, where all that matters is to…

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