Range Rover: SWOT Analysis: Range Rover Company

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Range Rover Company


Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar Land Rover is one company with a partnership with Indian company name TATA, the company was established in 1947, the company said this will be the illusion that came true and it will change the future, and the company till now is showing us the fantasy of car making and really changed the future, and that’s why the company is one of the top car business company in the world and one of the best and biggest company in the world, it give us cars that can challenge the environment like forest, desert, mountains and war, the company is one most car companies that help the army and still helping till now a days. (Land Rover, 2014)

SWOT analyses


As you know
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Range Rover is a big company but it has some weaknesses, and the type of all range rover cars is 4x4 and that’s what makes the company lose some customers, and when we compare it with other competitors they have all kind of cars four weal’s, 4x4 and the normal cars.

Range Rover have a great quality cars and the company is one of the best company is world and all of that cannot make the people to stop criticism the company products and compare it with other cars from other competitors.

Range Rover is getting bigger and that’s lead to a better technology, after TATA Motors toke control the company have the best equipment’s that can reduce the employees and the costs of the cars and that’s make the employ union get angry and make some troubles to the governments and for the company.
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As you know the car market pricing system is not instability and it may go down in any moment that’s make the Range Rover company afraid because Range Rover have the classic cars luxury and it will lose everything in the car market they will lose the company name in the world.

And the most things that Range Rover is having threats is the competitors, as you know Range Rover have to many competitors like Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW, Lamborghini and Bentley and a lot more, and these competitors make the Range Rover business a lot harder the selling cars is going up slowly, some people compare the company with competitors, some people compare the price of the cars in Range Rover company with other competitors and that’s make the Range Rover company in competition for ever in international car market .(mbaskool, 2014)

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