The Gremlin: A Short Story

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“Leave me alone!” Randall Hawk screamed as was crying on his bed screaming to the Gremlin on his dresser across the room. The little Mischievous beast just caused Randall’s Job to be lost due to a failed stock exchange that cost the company millions. It was only Randall and the Gremlin in the dark room only lighted up by the street lights below. “You caused all of my losses and the deaths of innocents!” The Gremlin only laughed in a way a clown would. How had Randall got here? Well it all started when he was born. Throughout his life his family lived in a middle class family with your average middle class issues. Randall always dreamt of moving to a different social class and pictured himself living in a McMansion with …show more content…
The H2SO4 was in a barrel on the container top and two people have to use it to get the liquid out. “Come and help me out, Malcolm Simons,” said Randall Hawk. The two of them walked to the barrel. Randall got up on top of it to release a value that will let the H2SO4 out of its containment. While Malcolm Simons got below with a smaller container to get the H2SO4 that will be coming out. “You ready?” Randall asked Malcolm. “Just let me loosen the cap,” replied Malcolm. Randall looked up from Malcolm and notice that the barrel of H2SO4 was moving slowly off the table. Randall was sure that he was not moving it so he looked behind the barrel to see what was moving it. When he looked behind he saw a scaly creature that couldn’t be taller than a foot. “Malcolm come look at…” “Ok Randall. I got the cap off. Start pulling the H2SO4,” said Malcolm. Randall let the value release. At that instant the barrel was pushed down onto Malcolm breaking as it hit him. Malcolm let out a horrible scream as the liquid substance washed over him and into his mouth. The skin of Malcolm was filled with blisters and the sound of sizzling skin. Randal just stood in shock while all the other students were screaming, the teacher rushed over to where Malcolm

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