Ralph 's Code : Societal Expectations Essay examples

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Societal Expectations
Saul’s Code
The consequences of your actions will be taken to the utmost extreme punishment (Hamurabi’s Code).
When accused and convicted of a crime by the artificial intelligence agent, you will face either execution or the lost of a limb , usually your hand or foot , to teach you your lesson, and show that when you make bad decisions, you will face great consequences. This method was first explored in Earth’s ancient civilization Mesopotamia with Hammurabi 's Code and works wonders now, eons later, in Saul’s Coalition to make the idea of committing crimes unfathomable. This course of action was brilliantly devised by the Supreme Commander and helped to create outstanding and obedient citizens. Right to oppose the artificial intelligence, at your own risk (Wall-E)
Meaning, at your own risk will, you are able to challenge your conviction in a court of law with a single judge. If you are deemed wrong, you will be put on public display when being executed by the artificial intelligence. By publicly displaying one 's crimes, it deters citizens from trying to run away from their fate and actually face their crimes. Punishment by the higher power is expected in a conviction, no matter what (Minority Report)
This law is a new edition to the laws of Saul’s Coalition. In the past it was legal for the convict to ask for a family member to do the deed in punishing them , but since the family members would go easy and not follow through with the punishment…

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