Ralph Waldo Emerson's Argumentative Essay: A Credible?

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Narrow Debatable claim:
In today's society, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s argument is reliable because the power of others are being controlled and effecting habits we live as an independent.
Being too self reliant can ruin relationships with families,friends, and partners which leads to problems. According to Terry Gaspard Licensed Clinical Social Worker, College Instructor, and Author, “it's not a good thing to lean on others too much and being independent is admirable.” (T1). Not depending on others or always having them by their side is magnificent and independence is also admirable, but it is leads to many other problems that makes it difficult to thereby fix it independently. For instance, not be able to be independent does
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According to Everyday clarity articles “it takes great courage to learn how to overcome emotional dependency but it is worth doing so that you feel more in control of your life.” (T1) It takes to massive time to understand the emotions and finding a way to exit the route of negative emotions. Be able to control the life living now to clear the emotions that is keeping away from controlling the living now. Emotions are related to over self reliance in general.Emotions are being control in other words like our independence. Reyus Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales, ”If you start telling yourself that you “need” something this is likely to alter your “reality”. You can persuade yourself of anything but it is good to take responsibility for doing so.” Sentiments assists to reach the standards of anything by performing it independently(T3).Reality is the idealist of actually in existence. In other words,the human thinking changes the way people live their reality. All that needs to be provide d is the responsibility. Responsibility should be the way of one controlling emotions since the sentiment strikes people without knowing it. Everyday Clarity states ,“Emotional dependency can create overwhelming and confusing emotions. Reacting impulsively to that internal state can be very dangerous. What seems like a great idea when you’re in a “reactive” mood could turn out to be a really bad idea so it’s worth stepping back from that.” (T2) Emotions are not easy to control but the mood is easier to just step back from it. A relating our independence to our emotions, independence should be able to put the same effort from taking a step back of people taking power of one. Stepping back from negative knowledge will achieve in the way negative power tried to attack us. Take a step back not forward (Allusion). No emotions should affect nobody's way of thinking or the

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