Essay on Ralph Waldo Emerson 's The Park

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Nature’s World
“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”- Ralph Emerson. The happier a person is the brighter nature shines. The highest form of knowledge is one’s own intuition. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote many notable pieces in the mid nineteenth century transcendentalism movement. It was a time when new spiritual and philosophical ideas began to flourish. His poems represented freedom and the love of God. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The Park” connects to transcendentalism through nature and “Good-by” through the deep feeling.
According to the sixth edition of Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, “The ideas of transcendentalism were most eloquently expressed by Ralph Waldo Emerson” (“Encyclopedia” 1). In Emerson’s poem “The Park” he talks about this environment that God has created for people to love. Each stanza of his writing has a strong meaning along with a philosophical view of nature. It also has to do with Emerson not liking the fact that wealthy people are full of themselves, and think they are better than others. However, throughout the poem, Emerson’s optimism is established through his poetry about these kind of people. This is showed when he writes “The prosperous and beautiful, to me seem not to wear” (“The Park” 1). He described the park as this beautiful place that God has created for people to admire. He also says, “I cannot shake off the god; on my neck he makes a seat” (“The Park” 1). Emerson is conversing about how God is within him. He sees everything…

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