Ralph Ellison 's Invisible Man Essay

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“Invisible Man . . . is a work of art any contemporary writer could point to with pride” (Bell 185). This is just one of the many comments giving praise to Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. Ralph Ellison was born on March 1, 1914, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was an African American man who was the grandson of slaves. He studied music at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama for three years. He wrote in the middle of the twentieth century and is most known for his novel Invisible Man. The narrator of the novel is an African American man whose colored skin makes him invisible. He has also written a collection of essays through his years of writing. His second novel was burned in a fire. He was rewriting his novel until his death from cancer on April 16, 1994. Influenced by the historical period and novelist Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison wrote one of the most well known American novels of the time period, Invisible Man. Ralph Ellison was influenced by the historical time period in which he was raised. He was impacted by his strong black community where everyone was hoping for civil rights. “I was taken very early, with a passion to link together all I loved within the Negro community and all those things I felt in the world which lay beyond” said Ralph Ellison (Exploring). This quote explains how he was impacted as a child. He did not like how unfairly everyone was treated during this time period. Invisible Man shows an African American man who is both threatened and praised in a…

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