Raising The Minimum Wage? Essay examples

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Minimum wage
Will raising the minimum wage solve income problems? Or will it just create chaos? Many people seem to say that raising the minimum income will not only solve the problems for people who live in poverty, but everyone will be able to receive wage that will leave them in a safe environment. In the recent discussion of raising the minimum wage up to $15 per hour, a controversial issue has been whether everyone will have a job after the wage has been increased. On one hand, some argue that raising the minimum wage will give everyone a satisfied income that will be enough to support the family. On the other hand, however, others ague that many people who are about to start their career, will have a hard time looking for a job as employers will be forced to hire less people. In the words of Brian Brenberg, one of this view’s main proponents, “when employers are forced to pay more than the labor is worth – when the contribution of the worker doesn’t match the cost to employ him – employers simply won’t offer the job.” According to this view, it can be seen that businesses plan on hiring less people due to not being able afford the minimum wage for their employees. I believe that we should not raise the minimum wage for $15 per hour.
My own view is that we should not raise the minimum wage to about $15 per hour. Though I concede that it would be affordable for people with a higher wage to support their families, I still maintain that we should not raise the minimum…

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