Essay about Raising The Minimum Wage Should Be Paid

935 Words Dec 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Today there are people wanting to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour due to the rising cost of living and being in tough financial binds. Some people find themselves unable to tie loose ends because their job just isn’t cutting it. It has been primarily blamed on the jobs paying them $8/hr and not being able to survive on it alone. But could there be another culprit causing people 's wallets to feel light? Poor decisions, family upbringings, and unwillingness to get a better job are all factors that play into the shortage of cash a lot of lower middle class people are having. Raising the minimum wage to $15/hr so suddenly will raise inflation, hurt job opportunities, and affect how job employers will have to pay their employees. People in poverty are the ones that are affected the most, they need money to pay for their children 's food, they need to pay the bills, and to be able to provide for themselves, but why can’t they? Is working a full time job not enough? Did these people not invest enough in their futures? Nowadays there are ample opportunities to become educated and to be successful. There are even government programs such as food stamps to lend a helping hand and to help stop people in poverty from living paycheck to paycheck.. It is commonly believed that you need more money to live a healthy lifestyle, although money can make one’s life lavish, it is also true that obtaining a better education and practicing better money managing skills could…

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