Essay Raising The Minimum Wage Should Be Legal

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Over the past few days and through out the campaign election, the public has been talking about raising Americans national minimum wage to $15 an hour. I have heard both sides of this controversy topic, even my brother and I have had heated debates defending the advancement or not. The one thing that we can both come to agree on with this topic is that something needs to change, because workers can not actively provided for a family while being the current minimum wage like the one is Texas only being $7.25.
I have been following the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, he sees that we need change, but I don’t understand how more than doubling the currently minimum wage would have a positive or no effect on the economy. “Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, argue that the current minimum wage is far too low to provide workers with the amount of money necessary to support themselves in even a basic way, while opponents argue that a $15 minimum wage has the possibility of doing serious damage to the economy in the form of higher unemployment.” Many of the public don’t understand or unaware of the main reasons economists are against the “Fight For Fifteen”. I want to share a few Alternatives to the rising of the minimum wage, and explain how these alternatives would be a better fit for a federal and national wide change.
There have been signs of the living wage being to low, and how the minimum wage has been falling behind compared to the rise in everyday…

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