Raising The Minimum Wage Is Hot Topic On Us Politics Right Now

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Raising the minimum wage is hot topic in US politics right now. With the upcoming election, it seems everyone has an opinion-from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders. The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour, or $6.26 after taxes. While some states have deigned to raise it slightly, it still doesn 't reach a livable wage. Some people argue that minimum wage jobs are “starter jobs” and that they aren’t designed to raise a family on that income. The reality is that far too many Americans are doing just that. This shows us the inherent injustice of our economic system. The wealthiest people in the US, the top one percent, hold a whopping forty percent of the nation’s wealth, while most of the rest of america, the bottom eighty percent, only hold seven percent(Elkins). Is this just? Is It just when the US government pays $152.8 billion on supporting working families who just can’t get by(Udland)? Is it just when the top one percent of the country regularly protest having taxes raised on their income and property, and push raising them on people who need that money the most? Seeing that a quarter of minimum wage workers have kids(Bernstein), we can assume that because the average number of children a family has is one and a half, which can be rounded up to two, a family would need at least a two bedroom apartment to function well. The average rent for a two bedroom apartment is $1006 a month, and the hourly wage needed to rent the apartment is $19.35, four dollars above…

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