Raising Minimum Wage During The Public News Service Essay

766 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
As shown in the Public News Service “Twenty-Nine states have set their minimum wage to $10-15.” During the summer of 2015, the New York wage committee decided to raise the minimum wage to $15. (Dilts) However, states that did not increase the minimum wage was thinking the consequences that will come after it. Then, throughout the media people such as, Connie Bennett at the Chicago’s McDonald’s, argued that all Americans who have low paying jobs struggle to make ends meet with bills, food, and other needs. Throughout the nation more people want to raise the minimum wage, yet they don’t understand the con’s in doing so. By raising minimum wage it causes a chain reaction for businesses to raise their prices, and hurts the poor for job search as well as job loss and also reduce some job benefits. I will first start off talking about the prices increase. By increasing the minimum wage, business sees that the average American is making more money. When this happens all product prices will increase because of inflation. The reason for the inflation is due to of people wanting more money, but there isn’t much money to give, so during this process the average dollar becomes devalued. An example would be like buying a stick of gum that used to be a dollar, however due to inflation now that gum is worth 1.50. Another example would be with granola bars, it would be the same price but with less quantity of bars. So not only would the price fluctuate, but it can decrease the…

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