Raising Children By Bill Cosby Essay

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According to Bill Cosby, a famous African American actor “ Raising children is an incredibly hard and risky task business in which no cumulative wisdom is gained: each generation repeats the mistakes the previous one made.” A parent tends to think they can stop recurring events from affecting their offsprings but mistakes are like a generational curse. A generational curse is the repetition of mistakes that follow a family. “Fences,” written by August Wilson displays a father who tries to raise his child up so that he does not have to learn things in the same manner that he had learned. The protagonist Troy Maxson has experienced racial setbacks, that has altered the way he has chosen to raise his son. Raising an African American son is to understand the course actions that will be different in society because of race and the guidance of transitional stages from a boy into a man. Troy Maxson the protagonist, is an African American married man and a father of two sons. His occupation details requires him to lift garbage onto the garbage truck. Troy has been a positive role model for his younger Cory but was incarcerated for the growing up stages of his eldest son Lyons. Lyons who is also married doesn’t have a stable paying job, but he continues to follow his passion as a musician. It is easy to past judgement that his role in Cory’s life could be out of guilt of the way Lyons has turned out. “Lyons: You can’t change me, Pop. I’m thirty-four years old. if you wanted to…

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