Raising A Virtual Child And Moving Through Adulthood Essay

1313 Words Jun 30th, 2016 null Page
Raising a virtual child and moving through adulthood was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. It was difficult trying to choose the “right” decision that you thought would be best for your child and for yourself. Each decision that was made effects your child and your life somehow or another. The program allowed me to monitor the effects of the decisions over a period of time that I made for my virtual child Canaan and how those decisions effected his personality and future. The program also allowed me to transition trough adult hood and see what decisions I made and how they affected the outcome of my future.
When Canaan turned nine months old the pediatrician did an examination on him. He was difficult to sooth when upset, he is now ready to be able to eat a variety of foods ground up, he readily adapted to the new people and situation, and he is advanced in his gross and fine motor skills. At twelve months, Canaan could clearly understand a couple of dozen words and pronounced his first clear word. At fifteen months Canaan often studies his environment and preformed simple little “experiments.” Canaan is able to be enrolled into preschool as soon as he becomes reasonably well potty-trained. At his nineteen month assessment it was reported that Canaan was fairly aggressive with the other children, insecure and uncertain about my attentions, readily engaged with her socially and made good eye contact, he became moody and irritable several times during the…

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