Raising A Child Is No Easy Task Essay

1796 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
raising a child is no easy task, especially when everyne is standing over your shoulder ready to criticize your every move. There are so many decisions you have to make and a million different opinions to consider. The worst part about it is the fight between people to prove to one another that their opposing choice is better. I feel every parent only does what they believe to be the best dicision for them and their child. With so many different views and choices, deciding which is right falls far from being easy. Finding out that i was pregnant at nineteen years old was terrifying, I had no ida what to do with myself or my growing child; it was my first pregnancy. I came to realize quickly that i would have many opinions of others pressed onto me. There is no manual with step by step instructins on how to do the whole parenting thing. I was left with no choice bu to seek guidence. The first time I was pressed by others opinions on what i should do, i was only six weeks pregnant. My daughters father and I were not married at this time, our families were not pleased. My now mother-in-law to be was the first person to openly push her views on me. I was having complications with the pregnancy before we even told anyone; the doctors were unsure if the baby was going to make it. I had to go in for testing during the time we were supposed to be attending a family function, veronica was less than understanding. My fiance ' decided it was going to be best for us to tell her…

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