Rainsford Vs Zaroff

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General Zaroff states "the world is made up of two classes- the hunters and the huntees." suggesting that only two types of humans roam the Earth, people with passive or aggressive personality’s. This is a global simplification of human behavior. From beginning to end Zaroff did have a considerably positive influence on Rainsford In spite of which Rainsford endured Zaroff’s agonizing wrath. This endeavor changes Rainsford’s nature but is it for the better. Primarily, Rainsford and Zaroff are both highly intelligent individuals, being able to keep up with one another. Zaroff has the ability to manipulate the playing field, favorably Rainsford has the wit to adapt to particular environment (allowing the once prey to become the predator). When interacting with Zaroff, Rainsford had compassion shoved down his throat making …show more content…
Zaroff put Rainsford in a dehumanizing situation where he had no other option but to kill him in order to survive. This negative action caused Rainsford to react with pure instinct going against his beliefs. Zaroff exclaimed “Instinct is no match for reason.”, meaning animals only used instinct when being hunted, making them far to easy to hunt. Animals do not use reason in order to survive, ostensibly reason triumphs against instinct in means of survival. According to Zaroff, instinct is no match for what humans possess. Reason is what distinguishes humans apart form animals. Both, Rainsford and Zaroff share similar logic but from opposing views. Rainsford is strongly against the murder of humans merely for sport, whilst Zaroff craves a more "dangerous game” with ingrained reason for an onerous test. Although, Rainsford goes against his own belief and kills Zaroff, which goes to show you are unable to have any morals en-order to succeed then to climactically

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