Rainforest Climate Essay

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The tropical rainforest climate is very diverse and interesting. The combination of the climate, vegetation, animals, and uses that the tropical rainforest provides is extensive. One day I will visit one of the few locations of the tropical rainforest, but first I need to know some basic information; where the tropical rainforest is located, the climate and weather, vegetation, animal life, production and people, and impact on the biome.
This biome is located on the equator but doesn’t restrict itself to certain coastlines. The tropical rainforest covers less than six percent of the earth, and happen to be found in three locations: Central America, Africa, and Indo-Malaysia. Specifically, the biome makes up the Amazon river basin, Zaire basin,
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The main reason for the ability to obtain that much life is the warm weather, plus there is plenty of water, food, and shelter. Due to the large amount of animals, natural selection has taken place so certain animals, like Toucans with their curved beaks, can adapt to certain food sources. Other animals, like the sloth can camouflage for protection. (Earth’s Floor: …show more content…
Some drugs used today contain plants native to the rainforest. Coffee, fruits, nuts, and more food come from the hot, wet lands. Without coffee, America might not be able to function. (Commonly Asked Questions and Facts) Also, one-fifth of the world’s freshwater is in the Amazon Basin alone. (Leslie Taylor, Rainforest Facts)
Fruit is fun and healthy. If I were told to like thirty fruits I would probably say, “I can’t.” However, there are 3,000 different types of fruit grown in the tropical rainforest! Most of which are rich in secondary metabolites like alkaloids. Alkaloids protects the plants from disease and insects, and have medical value to them. On the topic of medicine, about 70% of the plants used for cancer treatments are only found in the rainforest. Yet, less than 1% of the plants have been tested for their medicinal value. (Rainforest Maker: Facts)
There’s a huge industry for lumber and agriculture, so that is how those people make money. Otherwise, there are still tribes living today. As they continue to hold up their traditions, they live their lives based on their

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