Essay on Rain On My Skin As The Wind Blocked Out All Sound

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I felt the rain on my skin as the wind blocked out all sound.
I was back at the lighthouse, staring at the hell below me. The monsters killed, they tore the people apart. There was blood, everywhere.
Not again…
Then, I felt something near me. Something warm and welcoming. I turned to see a faint deer near the lighthouse. It looked at me, stared straight into me. But I didn’t feel at threat, instead I felt safe. Everything else that was happening was no longer there to me.
It was just me and the deer.
I felt the sun on my face as I opened my eyes. My cover was all over the place, nearly falling off the edge of the bed.
Hello morning…
I raised myself off the bed, my limbs felt slack and limp. It was obvious I wasn’t a fan of mornings. I liked to lie in bed until noon. At least the day would go faster and I wouldn’t have to deal with the long hours of doing nothing for the whole day.
But this is a new start in life. So the first thing I change: get up early in the morning.
I couldn’t help but rub my arm, feeling the faint cuts across it, once pure red now white and unnoticeable.
No…I can’t think about that…
Shaking my head I made my way out of my room, making sure to put on something, grey jeans and a black hoodie would do for now. Besides it was my style. Hoodie and jeans with trainers. It suited me. But mostly it hid my past scars…
I took small steps to the bottom floor; I thought that no one else would be awake at this time. What was the time? I checked my watch.

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