Rain Forest Animals: The Threats Of Species Of Bougainvillea

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Register to read the introduction… 1 plant is the Bengal Bamboo. Its genus is Bambusa. It can be found in the Southeast Asian biome. It likes temperatures between 40 degrees- 100 degrees. Another plant is the Bougainvillea. Its genus is Bougainvillea. You will find this plant is Amazon rain forest in South America. Also another plant is the Curare. Its Genus is Chondrodendron. It is most likely to find it in the canopy of South America.

Rain forest Animals
There are more than 100 species of animals that live in the rain forest. An animal like the African forest elephant. This animal weighs more than a ton and its genus is the Loxodonta. A vicious snake such as the King Cobra is an original animal to the rain forest. Its genus is the Ophiophagus. Its fang can grow a ½ long. Also there are many toucans in the rain forest but the largest one of all is the toco toucan. Its genus is Pamphastos.
Rain forest Climate
Usually a rain forest is wet and moist. That’s because it’s near the equator. This usually means that more sun is directly hitting the land and sea. The average temperature is 77 degrees most of the time. Rain forests are never found below freezing point which is 32 degrees.
Threats to the rain forest
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That wouldn’t be good at all. The Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey is an endangered animal. Approximately 800 are living in this world. And the reason why they are endangered is because it’s their colorful fur. The most endangered animal is the gorilla. 80% said that those animals are extinct from human hunting, diseases, and destroying their habitat. Another animal that is extremely endangered is the Bengal tiger. This animal has less than 1500 species left of them. This is because it is from India, China, Bangladesh, Siberia, and Indonesia. They hunt the Bengal tigers with guns for their fur. One more animal that is becoming endangered is the Chimpanzee. It has suffered from human diseases such as malaria. Humans do drug testing on them and put them in zoos. This is a

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