The Build-Be Case Study Solution

Compared to the previous scenario, the COULD-BE solution 2 includes more features and the solution itself is somewhat more complex. The constituents of this scenario are:
• Increasing the capacity by means of owned/financed/leased intermodal (rail) trailers
• Using own trucks and/or subcontracting tractors (international versus locals) for hauling them to and from the railway terminals
• Begin with operational leases of new trucks, which would include repair and maintenance in the leasing service offering
• Outsourcing part of the repair and maintenance of current vehicles (just like in the previous COULD-BE scenario)
• Strategy focus: o LTL shipments to Italy with intermodal trailers, be prepared to use the same approach in France o Re-allocate
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The question of how the rail trailers should be hauled from and to terminals remains unanswered. Basically, there are three major options, which further emerge into several combinations. The three options are:
1. Own tractor
2. National subcontractor
3. International subcontractor
The factors, on which the decision needs to be based on, needs to be clearly prescribed and communicated to the planning and dispatching staff by the management of the company. The cost, will not necessarily be the decisive factor, often it is time and operational constraints, which become decisive factors in transport and

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