Raging Peatland Fires Bond Of Destroy Indonesia 's Environment

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Jaden Thuman
24 April 2016
Raging peatland fires bond to destroy Indonesia’s environment
“According to a 2007 study by the World Bank, Indonesia is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases after America and China, mostly because of the destruction of forests and peatlands”(“Logging the good news; Indonesia’s forests”).This happens when land clearing plantations and farmers in Indonesia decide to clear land by creating forests fires that wipe out trees. This creates problems like high carbon emissions being released, toxic regional haze, deforestation, and the endangering of wildlife. While at first it might appear that an easy solution to the deadly carbon emissions poisoning Indonesia 's air, is stopping factories and plantations from pumping out air pollution. A closer look reveals that the most efficient solution is to protect
Indonesia 's peatlands from plantation expansion. By controlling who receives licenses for land containing forested areas, holding corporations / companies accountable, and controlling illegal land clearing the government can then cut down on the amount of peatland fires. As a result stopping the land clearing will slow the carbon levels coming from forest fires, and thus decrease these emissions “half a gigaton annually by 2030”(“How To Save Indonesia’s
Deep in the Indonesian rainforests, farmers are illegally burning down forests and peatland forest to either expand their land or convert them to palm…

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