Ragged Dick And The Lesson Analysis

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Young people have the drive to accomplish things in life, but one of the hardest things to grasp is the concept of success. Success is the opportunity to be taken and completed with a purpose, just like in the stories “Ragged Dick” by Horatio Alger and “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara. In “Ragged Dick”, a boy named Dick wants to escape poverty and tries to learn many things so he can be well prepared for success. He is able to do this after saving a little boy from drowning and getting a job from the boy’s father, Mr. Rockwell. On the other hand, “The Lesson” shows a different viewpoint where a young girl named Sylvia is challenged and angered towards success. She is struck by this thought after Ms. Moore takes them on a trip to F.A.O Schwarz …show more content…
Between the two characters, the main difference is that Dick had a goal set since the beginning and wanted to escape poverty and rise to the upper class society, while Sylvia did not have a plan or any specific goal on what she wanted to do in order to obtain success. They both want to succeed in their own methods and have their own reasoning for it, but one of them has developed a great self-image and positive mindset to transition into something better and the other is completely letting their image be presented no matter what anyone thinks. In Ragged Dick, it is said that Dick had a particular goal set in the beginning and it shows that he has developed a great self-image because of success. Alger states, “As to the loss, Dick was rather pleased that it had occurred. It seemed to cut him off from the old vagabond life which he hoped never to resume. Henceforward he meant to press onward, and rise as high as possible” (263). This shows that Dick is the type of person that does not let anything bother him because if it did he would not have that great attitude of obtaining success. His self-image is powerful because no matter the situation he is put through he manages to understand the issue and find a way to resolve it instead of complaining or giving up. Again, he had a designated goal and he wanted to achieve it, which he did. It shows that he has grown from his past experiences because he moved on and all the losses that were in between only made him stronger and a step closer towards success. Dick choose to do this and had no guidance under him, but received a little help from Henry Fosdick. Dick’s self-image is the key into solving this whole notion of reaching success because it depends on how bad you really want to achieve it. However, Sylvia is not the most motivated or ambitious person throughout her journey. It is shown that even though she wants

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