Radley Balko 's What You Eat Is Your Business Essay

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I am writing in order to analyze Radley Balko’s “What You Eat is Your Business” and determine whether or not it is suitable for publication in The Shorthorn. The piece responds to a summit being hosted by Time magazine and NBC News on the issue on obesity and public health being standardized legally and economically by the government. After analyzing the piece I have reached that it would be very compelling article for the readers of The Shorthorn and would recommend publication because of Balko’s expertise, the compelling nature of the issue, and good sources of information used in the text.
Balko is a policy analyst for the CATO Institute a public policy organization located in Washington D.C. I believe this story would be interesting to most Shorthorn readers but could fail to interest those who do not currently pay for or have any kind of health insurance. However even for those not paying for health insurance this is still an important and interesting topic due to it effecting all taxpayers due to government interference within the healthcare system.
In the article Balko claims that healthcare should be in the hands of the people and insurance companies and is not to be interfered with by federal government. His reasoning for his claim is that it forces the government to spend more taxpayer money. Second a more socialized healthcare system would force healthy people to pay for others who are not trying to stay healthy. Finally it is his belief that the best way to fight…

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