Radio Show Script Essay

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A Live Radio Show Script

What follows are the first pages of the script. This sample will familiarize you with the style of the piece and how a radio play differs from a traditional play script.

Holiday music plays. We’re in a radio studio. On the stage are two microphones and a sound effects table ,hanging above all are Applause, On the Air and WBFR illuminated signs (at the moment, only the later is lit). Maybe there’s a window in the background overlooking a skyline, maybe it snows outside. The look and feel of the place is posh, sophisticated, deco. Fifteen minutes prior to curtain time, the voice of a STAGE MANAGER (possibly pre-recorded) comes over the house speakers:


Fifteen minutes to air. Mr. Laurent, Mr.
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So, don’t be shy, and feel free to applaud, laugh, swoon or cry just as loud as the spirit moves you. (Receives a signal from the Stage Manager.) I’m getting the signal from our stage manager that we will be going live on the air in just less than three minutes, which allows me just enough time to introduce you to the fine acting ensemble that will be performing this evening’s entertainment. You know him from Chick Carter,
Boy Detective and Cowpoke Romance, playing George Bailey, the hero of tonight’s story, Mr. Jake Laurent.

Applause sign flashes as JAKE LAURENTS greets the audience.


Having just returned from Los Angeles, having completed filming Dottie Goes Bananas, a Technicolor spectacle, as his leading lady, Mary Hatch, we bring you Miss Ohio 1943, Miss Sally Apple white.

Applause sign flashes as SALLY APPLEWHITE greets the audience.


WBFR Playhouse of the Air listeners have heard our next little lady in roles ranging from Mother Cabrini to Salome, and playing small town siren Violet Bick and others in this evening’s story, I give you Miss Lana Sherwood.

Applause sign flashes as LANA SHERWOOD greets the audience.


Soon to be seen co-starring with Margaret Dumont in Paramount Pictures’ new comedy, The Hick Chick, and playing Clarence the Angel and others in this evening’s show,

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