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Executive Summary
RadioShack Corporation is a popular electronic store within the United States of America. Within this report an assessment of RadioShack Corporation performance in the years 2004 to 2006 will be provided. This assessment looks on: * Changes in Chief Executive Officer (CEO) * The results of the changes in the CEO * The financial performance of RadioShack in the specified period * Managerial problems facing RadioShack in the specified period.
From this report we hope to give a concise representation of what happened in RadioShack in the years2004-2006. As a group of consultants we aim to identify problems facing the company. Along with this we will provide solutions and recommendations to these
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This is a major issue as measures should have been in place to check all persons qualifications before hiring.

4. Poor Internal Communication
Management had failed to inform employees that jobs were to be cut. Employees were informed internally after a sudden press release given by Julian Day in 2006. To not inform your employees first of such job cut may lead to many feeling separate from the company (Poole, 2007). Also, this further affects the company performance as employees are caught up wondering if they will be fired rather than focusing on getting the job done.
5. Bad Business Ethics
Most would agree that no matter the means of firing, the notion remains the same. It is best to fire someone face to face. Communication is a two way process and several instances RadioShack engaged in a one way communication process based on the approach to fire employees (Gaertner-Johnston, 2006) . Clearly Radio Shack ignored this and as a result they had disgruntled employees.
The way in which the letter was written also shows poor business ethics. In Business School it is taught that when delivering bad news, the bad news should not be delivered first. RadioShack ignored this and gave the employees a concise email informing them that they were no longer needed.
6. Dysfunctional / Incompetent Top Management
The core cause of all of Radio Shack’s problems was the inability of their top management team to effectively do their job. Had they been

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