Radio Commercialism Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Amateur radio broadcasters were able to buy radio transmission sets and began broadcasting their opinions over the radio. Radio stations became disorganized and any person tuning into them would hear thousands of voices all trying to transmit their broadcast over the same radio waves with their at-home transmitters (White). The thousands of amateurs tapping into the radio waves of America created many problems, though. Troublesome radio enthusiasts were found to be eavesdropping on government and military communication through their own radio receivers and also transmitting false information over the radio. As time went on, the government realized the dangers of the radio and large business recognized the ability of radio. For these reasons, four major corporations, the US Navy, American Marconi, General Electric, and the Radio Corporation of America, took control the radio of the 1920s (Jenkins). The government began to regulate the airwaves in order to protect the country and broadcast companies. In the mid-1920s it became necessary to have a professional broadcasting license in order to have radio wave air …show more content…
Before the advent of the radio, commercialism existed in the United States in the form of print and newspaper ads. But, as radio was introduced, commercialism grew and surrounded the new medium. Radio stations began to take money from companies so that their products could be talked about on the radio. This was both effective for the radio stations, as they were making money, and the companies, as they were getting exposure. For this reason, advertising only grew. American life became all about what brand of each item was the best and who had the best deals. Radio helped to create the idea of the American economy surviving off of

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