Radicor Hotel Darling Harbour Essay

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Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, NY 10111

28th August 2013

Tom McLaren
General Manager
Radicor Hotel Darling Harbor
Sydney NSW 2000

My Dear Friend Tom,
Thank you for writing our consultancy in regards to the predicament facing you and your team at the Radicor Hotel Darling Harbor Sydney. I understand this time must bring you considerable angst; especially considering Simcom- the partial owners- intend on divesting from one of her hotels: the Radicor being one such possibility. As such, I have taken this case under my personal consideration. You will find at the end, an appendix (Reference List) for any sources which I have used to underline criteria or feedback regarding the adverse review received by your
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The loss of any cognizance relating to those standards is detrimental to the reputation of the primary chef and the hotel from which they operate.
I agree with Richard that food critics should be aware that the Executive Chef is not always present in premiere restaurants; nevertheless customers attend Marcus Vesty at the Abbey not his Sous Chef- Dan Tambling at the Abbey. Case studies examining how other world class chefs like Gordon Ramsay earn several Michelin stars while writing, producing and acting may prove necessary and prudent for Marcus if he wants to maintain the repute of the Abbey and by extension- himself. Taste tests measuring standards of the Chefs prior and post openings are commonplace to ensure that the recipes served are exactly those which described or designed by the executive chef (UKTV 2003). Despite the fact that Marcus’ immediate staff enjoys working with him; this is a luxury business and should be treated as such.
The standards of a luxury hotel are also reflected in the price list. Here is where a menu and wine list of the Abbey would have been useful. Regardless this is what I can deduce; Trevallin suggested that the wine list in particular was not reflective of the wine quality but was priced too high. The average expenditure at Darling Harbor is between

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