Radical Theory Is A Social Work Theory Essay

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Radical theory is a social work theory, which help to provide knowledge into individuals problematic issues which can be currently accepted and successes by the approach that solutions to the problem can be fund and an individual will be supported throughout this time. It is important to help within the education of individual clients and other identifying the impact of social, economic and political context which are on the same guidelines as their problem.
However, it is important that individuals which have attachment issues, or the individual which has being oppressed. The way which radical theory works is by linking individual service users with systems which promote their wellbeing and collective action. This is linked with the oppression which an individual may face, this is normal and mainly linked in to policies through the neo-liberal through the collective practices and responses to the individual’s problematic issues which is causing them to feel oppressed. This process has being formed to be able to initiating the many changes which need to happen when an individual is feeling oppressed, (Brake and Bailey, 1975)
The principles which uphold radical theory are though of equality, participation, empowerment, upholding human rights, and an overarching of social justice. It is also important to understand that radical theorising is the framework of which anti-oppressive, anti-discrimination and critical thinking. This also helps understand the values of which…

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