Radical Islam 's War Against The West Is A Film Documentary Film Directed By Wayne Kopping

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Obsession - Radical Islam 's War Against the West is a 2005 documentary film directed by Wayne Kopping. The film details the proliferation of radical Islam, how it threatens Western society, its parallels to Nazism through the targeted eradication of the Jewish population and the reluctance of Western civilization to collectively recognize Islamic radicals as a world wide threat. The documentary uses a significant amount of video and audio footage compiled from Arab television and media broadcasts, supplemented with the personalized accounts from individuals who are experts or have experienced radical Islam.

What is striking about Kopping 's documentary is the abundant and detailed collection of evidence, captured through imagery and testimonial which he uses to compel his audience. At the series opening, Kopping sets out to immediately distinguish how radical Islamic terror is not representative of the Islamic religion itself. That opening builds credibility with the audience as it indicates that the story is not crafted as an indictment against an entire religion. From there, the movie sets out to explain how radical Islamic terror is a world-wide existential threat to both Muslim and non-Muslims alike. It is a “dangerous ideology fueled by religious hatred” - a hatred that does not discriminate (Kopping). There is significant video footage of hate speech taken from Imams with calls for a Global Jihad. The videos make this evidence hard to refute. Additionally…

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