Radiation Therapy May Be More Helpful Essay

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Radiation therapy may be more helpful in some cases than in others. For instance, some types of cancer are more sensitive to radiation than others. And some cancers are in areas that are easier to treat with radiation without causing major side effects. Doctors know the amount of radiation that normal parts of the body can safely get without causing damage that can’t be reversed. They use this information to help them decide how much radiation to give and where to aim it in site specific areas. If a part of your body has been treated with radiation before, you may not be able to get radiation to that area a second time; it depends on how much radiation you got the first time. If one part of your body has already gotten the maximum safe lifetime dose of radiation, you might still be able to get radiation treatment to another area if the distance between the two areas is large enough. Side effects, including skin changes, tiredness, diarrhea, or trouble eating may occur during the course of radiation treatment. Side effects vary from person to person and depend on the radiation dose, the part of the body being treated, and other factors. Some people have no side effects at all, while others have quite a few. There’s no way to determine who might have side effects, what kind, and how intense those effects might be. Radiation therapy can cause two types of side effects, early and late effects. Early side effects are those that happen during or shortly after treatment. They’re…

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