Radiant Energy Essay

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Energy can be potential or kinetic. Radiant energy is a form of Kinetic energy. Movement of atoms, molecules, objects, waves, substances referring to a Kinetic energy. There are many different forms of kinetic energies like sound, motion, thermal energy, electrical energy. Nevertheless, there would be no life on Earth without radiant energy.
What is radiant energy?
The energy of electromagnetic waves and gravitational radiation is radiant energy. Radiant energy is the result of a change in configuration of electrons. It can travel through any substance including air, liquid, glass, and space. However, matter is not necessary for transmission of radiant energy. Even in a vacuum environment, radiant energy can move. Radiant energy moves in
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Some examples of radiant energy include:
1. Heat
Radiant energy in the form of heat can be anything from a complicated system that conducts geothermal heat from underground, to a simple campfire. Heating coils can be embedded under a flooring system to warm up a room, or can be woven into fabric that allows professional rescuers to warm a body during a hypothermia emergency. Heat can even radiate up from the hot street on a summer day. Heat is transferred as energy in all of these cases, radiating in temperature-responsive waves.
2. Light
There are a wide variety of sources of light, all of which can be considered radiant energy. Light from natural sources like the light given off by a burning candle or campfire, or sunlight-as well as the sun's reflection off of the moon, planets, and other objects-is radiant energy. Artificial light sources like incandescent, halogen, or LED light bulbs would be in this form. Neon light, which is generated as the reaction of the element, is also radiant
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• The heat emitted from a campfire
• Emission of heat from a hot sidewalk
• X-rays give off radiant energy
• Microwaves utilize radiant energy
• Space heaters produce radiant energy
• Heat created by the body can be radiant energy
• Lighting fixtures
• Home heating units
• Fixtures that convert solar energy to heat
• Visible light
• Gamma rays
• Radio waves
• Electricity
• A surface heated by the sun converts the energy of the light into infrared energy which is a form of radiant energy
• Cell phones utilize radiant energy to function
• Magnetic motor generators that utilize neodymium magnets create radiant energy
• Audio signals that come to home or cars via radio waves
• Ultraviolet light
• Infrared radiation
• The light emitted from a campfire
• The light generated from a light bulb
• A heated brake disc giving off heat
• The heat from a grill used for cooking
• Water can reflect or absorb radiant energy
• Soil can absorb radiant energy
• Light from the sun
• Heat emitted from a bunsen burner
• Heat from an overused computer
• Heat caused by friction
• Heat emitted from a dryer
• The heat generated by a light bulb
• Heat generated through reflection of visible

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