Radar At Anchor Beach Charter School Essay examples

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Callie Adams Foster tried to stay under the radar at Anchor Beach Charter School. It was a hard task to accomplish when her mother was the assistant principal and she had four other siblings running around; especially a sister who was head of the Honor Board. Yes, it was a tough job, but Callie was pretty good at it.

Each morning she arrived at her first class of the day, English, and sat in the back row of the classroom. She would answer a couple of questions at the start of the period to get Timothy off of her back and then, she would silently follow along with the lecture. Her day continued in the same structure until lunch where she would look for one of her siblings, usually her little brother Jude, to go sit on the beach with her as they ate. After lunch, she returned back to her normal routine of sitting in the back of her classes and barely participating. To Callie Adams Foster, she was mastering the art of sliding by in high school.

Therefore, you can imagine her surprise when she heard her name over the loud speaker one random afternoon requesting her presence in the principal 's office.

Callie was excused from class. Her nerves had gotten the best of her as she quickly walked down the hallway. Thoughts rushed through her head as she tried to think of the reason she was summoned and hoped everything was okay with her family.

"Hey, Callie. Monty and your mother will be with you shortly. Have a seat." said Ellen, the school secretary.

Callie nodded and took…

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