Racist Society Essay

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The United States a racist society? Is it societal and institutional phenomenon or a personal mindset? Racism is the idea that one race is superior to another based on their physical appearance and ethnic backgrounds. U.S. officials do not address racism as an issue when in fact it is only getting worse. Furthermore, it is both a societal and institutional phenomenon and personal mindset that has influenced the structure of humanity.

Society is racist, the U.S. is in denial and only acknowledges racism as outdated, and acts if racism does not exist. Public and political figures do not address racism or see racism as a current issue. None of the presidential candidates speaking on big issues in the 2016 campaign, even mentions racism, but
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Racism is a mindset influenced by the surroundings and teachings that one inquires and is subject change . The upbringing of an individual 's has a lot to do with their value system and how they thinkmind can be influenced by what it is subjected too. If a person grows up in a racist home then they are more prone to be racist themselves, we learn from what we see. The mass media, news coverage, and movies has a huge impact on peoples mindset and gives non-whites a reputation associating them mainly with violence, drugs, and theft. This stereotype that the media, and the big screen portray of colored people particularly African-Americans making them out to be the usual suspects like The impression that is left after watching the films menace to society or boyz in the hood is not a reputable one; films of this nature cause because of the roles that are played by the race, makes it harder for these races to succeed and gain social acceptance in society. The media depicts colored people engaged in violence and wrongdoings to make their focal point. The upbringing of an individual and what they heard growing up along with the media and its inadequate coverage and how defamations colored people combined with the embedded structured racism in society all contribute to a

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