Racism : What Makes Us Human Beings Disgusting? Essay

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In my own words racism is what makes us human beings disgusting. The idea that a certain skin color can be dominant over another kind of skin color is something I will NEVER be able to wrap my head around. Maybe the above statement is not very social scientist-y of me, but this topic is something very dear to my heart for the sole fact that I never witnessed racism until I moved to the US. I thank my parents from the bottom of my heart to never discriminate who I got to play with and who I didn’t, unless if I was in danger – let’s say someone could drug me, or rape me, or drug me. Which is something that a person of ANY race would do. I never saw a difference between myself, and others. We were all equal. The mindset of some Americans about social issues such as racism, even today in 2015 makes my selection of friends much easier. I do not tolerate any racism in any shape, not even as a stupid joke told in a bar. I stay away from racist, ignorant people like that.
Sociology, social inequality, and social institutions are classes that should be obligatory for all high school, college, and graduate students. Until we educate ourselves about social issues such as racism, we will never be able to move forward.
“Racism is a belief that real or alleged traits of one race establish its superiority over another or others” (Doob, 2013, p.261).The racist view is one that puts the blame on the person because of their race instead of determining the circumstances of the situation.…

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