Essay Racism : Theme Of Racism

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Doctorow develops the theme of racism in Ragtime because of Coalhouse 's situation, the way society views the situation, and the way the situation alludes to an American belief. Racism is developed through the events surrounding Coalhouse because the vandalizing of his car was the result of him being an African American. Coalhouse is a very successful musician who is well off; however, in the eyes of the white society, he is still inferior and denied the justice he deserves. This view of African Americans actually existed in American History, as seen in the Ku Klux Klan. During the same time as the novel, KKK harassed innocent African Americans because of a white superiority complex. Racism is developed throughout the novel because of the justice denied to Coalhouse, the publicity following the injustice, and America 's false belief of white superiority. Coalhouse’s denial of justice from the white society developed racism within the novel because the denial is the result of him being African American. One day, while Coalhouse was travelling to New York, he is stopped at Firehouse Lane because the firemen tell him he needs to pay a fee in order to pass. Coalhouse is confused because he’s travelled the road many times before and was able to pass without a toll. Coalhouse leaves his car on the road and heads down to inform a policeman about his situation. A cop informs him that it is just the firemen messing with him and to return back to his car. Coalhouse walks back to his…

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