Essay on Racism : Racism, Discrimination, Lack, And Lack Of Freedom

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In this generation, we still not have fully gained the rights for people of races, colors and religions. Discrimination is still a huge problem in this society. Problems including racism, civil rights violation, lack of freedom and people of color clashes that is developed through time to time. A lot of the arguments happening in this present time if racism is still the problem of this society. Many people do not notice this. However, it is indeed still the problem of the society. People have never moved on from the past. They still think of the past generation where blacks experienced slavery from white people. This is one thing that African-American people cannot forget about. This slavery made a barrier that until this generation, racism is still an issue. Before, the only races considered are being a White or Black. White people being described as elite, powerful and educated. On the other hand, Black is described as a poor, slave and uneducated. Hsu the author of The End of White America stated that before “to be considered as a “White American,” whether you were Italian or a Pole or a Hungarian, was to enter the mainstream of American life” (Hsu, 364). As Bill Imada, head of the IW Group, a prominent Asian American communications and marketing company, puts it: “I think in the 1920s, 1930, and 1940s. [for] anyone who immigrated, the aspiration was to blend in and be as American as possible so that white America wouldn’t be intimidated by them. They wanted to imitate…

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