Essay Racism, Racism And Sdhs Play A Much More Important Role

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However the video showed evidence for a more complex picture, and that racism and SDHs play a much more important role.
I decided to go further and specifically ask the audience how they perceive racism in Brazil? o The audience agreed that Brazil have racism. o But, the first comment (by 1 women) was that the Black people are racist against Whites?!? o That was followed by the notion that as Black people are bullied since childhood and the natural defense is to become aggressive against Whites in a ‘reverse racism’.
I asked them to better elaborate those thoughts or comments regarding racism in Brazil. o They begin to elaborate that in fact this “rage” is a consequence of the lack of opportunities for social justice imposed to the Black community. o There was a comment that the gap between rich Whites and poor Blacks in Brazil is worse than in the US. o There was another comment regarding the University cottas for Blacks in Brazil. In Brazil, as part of the Affirmative Action, the government decided to commit 50% of the admissions (quota) in Federal Universities (they are better than the private ones and free of cost in Brazil) for students from poor families and for the Black community. Someone commented that, she felt that racism got worse after this fact. o Someone agreed somehow with the worsening of the racism by Affirmative Actions, but told that the governmental action is important due to the social inequalities in our society. o And then, finally came out the…

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