Racism : Racism And Racism Essays

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No matter a person’s stance on different races, no one today can deny the existence of racism in our society. Racism has always been a touchy subject, one that puts people on the defensive, which is why most people refuse to even have a conversation about it. However, unless people start talking about racial disparities and inequalities, then no solution or peace will ever be reached. Increasingly, the news is reporting stories of white on black violence and other inhumane acts committed to innocent African American young adults in particular. Oprah Winfrey argues that humans created racism. Us as white people, cannot deny that racism benefits our lives, even if we claim ourselves not to be racist people.

Terms that have been showing up in media lately are “internalized racism” and “institutionalized racism”. Internalized racism refers to racism that has been ingrained into our minds by our surrounding society, racist beliefs that we may not even realize are offensive. For instance, a person growing up in a suburban community might not have a single minority living their, and thus make the assumption that minorities don 't work hard because they can 't afford to live in a nice area. When people make such assumptions they are forgetting to take into account the factor of institutionalized racism, which is described as a society where minorities are held back from ever being able to have such economic prosperity. Overwhelmingly, minorities live in urban inner city communities…

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