Racism : Racism And Racism Essay

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First things first this essay is not for racism. This is not a racist essay and this is not supporting racism. In the world now days there are a lot of people still throwing around the word racist. There still is some few people black and white americans that are racist but this won’t be about the people that are racist. It will be about the people that are using the word racism to their advantage. The definition of racist is a person who believes one particular race is superior to another. The main thing that African Americans are calling racism on is white cops shooting black criminals.
This is not racism in my eyes so with all of the African Americans being killed by police because they are doing illegal things there are people “mostly African Americans” who think there is racism. Using racism as an excuse to get things and make it seem like people should feel sorry for them. To make it all even better these African Americans have been rioting, vandalizing police cars, breaking into stores, stealing things and have been harassing fellow Americans. The police can’t do anything because if they do then they are considered racist for shooting a criminal . Should the cops just let the criminals run wild just because he/she is black. With all of these things going on the big question is does racism exist today or do blacks need to quit blaming other people for the view that they gave themselves.

African Americans are using racism to get attention. Every news station in…

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