Racism : Racism And Racism Essay example

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Racism has been around since Europeans started taking Africans out of their homelands and forcing them to work on plantations as slaves. Since then it has grown into an incredibly large issue that seems to be everywhere. However, a new question about racism is appearing, and it has a new name. Reverse racism. Whites use this term when sharing stories about being oppressed or having negative comments made about their skin color. Many find this “new” racism pointless; others say it should just be called racism. The question centering this argument is: can Caucasians experience reverse racism? The white race has been the racial majority and the biggest oppressors for most of history. It seems highly unlikely that such a large, privileged group can now be oppressed. Many studies have been conducted to try and erase reverse racist myths as well as prove that reverse racism exists. Despite the fact that whites try and say affirmative action is oppressive, racism is not a problem, reverse racism is real, and they end up victimizing themselves. Caucasians do not experience racism in the way that people of color do because they are the oppressors, not the oppressed. Reverse racism allegations first started to appear when people of color began to stand up for themselves. It was a way to take the focus off of an oppressed group trying to gain strength, and put the spotlight on the oppressors who wanted to silence these attempts. Many attempts have been made to try and…

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