Racism : Racism And Racism Essay

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Racism is basically the discrimination of people on the basis of their skin color or origin. People with an African ancestry have been discriminated and even under-looked on the basis that they are black. For a long time, racism has been a global menace. It has amounted to a couple of diverse outcomes the most common one been unequal treatment to people and even death in extreme cases. The origin of racism can be expounded by looking at both the scientific and philosophical grounds of racism. It is important to point out that the topic on racism is very immense and politically oriented evident by its modern embodiment that has predefined the various outcomes ranging from modern-day discrimination to social discrimination evident in the current day society. Various scholars have made efforts in in explicating far beyond the historical origin of racism to further expound on the historical evolution that has resulted to the current age treatise on racism. Racism, has affected a lot of activities and views on the various issues facing the world. Particularly, black people have been discriminated on various environments and even been perceived as inadequate in comparison to their white counterparts. This paper seeks to expound on the various concerns and implications of racism in colleges and their subsequent remedy.
One of the biggest implications of racism in the college environment stems from prejudice in the various groups that feel superior on the basis that they are not…

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