Racism : Racism And Racism Essay examples

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___In the history of the United States there were a lot talking but no actions on racism. Like every time when the blacks talk about racism, that they don’t want to talk about the racist groups that are black, yet the instead, the blacks are willingly accusing the whites of being racist. The blacks were freed two years before the Civil War had ended. I am not disputing any of the evidence that there were racist white people back then and now, yet that isn’t all of the story. Whites aren’t the only ones who are racist, but there are Native Americans, Blacks and others who are also racist. All sides of the racial lines that includes the whites ought to be blamed for perpetuating the hate, but it is the blacks and others who either are using their race as a weapon but not wanting to take the stumbling block out of their own path. In part of this story on racist people we can finally recognize that we need to finally solve this problem. To solve this problem is to tell both sides of the story. There are political parties, and some organizations as well, who have the history of hate. That means that the blacks have the history of hate. Their hate doesn’t derive from the events that happened in the past, but it is based upon their point of view on race superiority through the books that they either read or write.
____The history of the Democratic Party has roots in pro-slavery, Constitution, State’s rights and big business. Yet it believed in state rights and constitution. This…

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