Racism : Racism And Racism Essay

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Racism seems to be a never ending issue that has been dividing our nation since the first settlers arrived and since it erupted in the 1900’s, turning it into something this country has never seen before. Parents and peers play a huge role in how someone is going to treat somebody of a different race or religion since nobody is born racist and the victims of racism will face a lifetime of emotional and physical illnesses because of the discrimination that lead to issues such as poor education and incarceration. Because of the society we live in today, the media intensifies the issues of racism, but does that help or hurt the situation? There is no clear cut answer to that but talking to your children about racism will help get rid of the problem our country has been faced with for many years and will also help end the unintentional segregation we still have today. Even though as a country we have eliminated the racially biased segregation laws, race relations in America are still strained, as clearly caused by racism in children, the media intensifying the issues and unintentional segregation in schools and communities.
Racism is Learned
From an early age your family’s morals and standards influence the way you view the world. Racism falls heavily into something that you are taught from a young age and as Fred Irving Williams said “...it was a direct result of social conditioning and misperception on role development of the individual.” (2014). The more you hear as a child…

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