Racism : Racism Against African Americans Essay

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According to Webster’s dictionary, “racism is the belief that some races of people are better than others”. Someone who is a racist believes that there are certain groups that are ranked higher than others. “This ideology also includes the belief that there is a natural hierarchical ordering of groups of people so that superior ‘races’ can dominate inferior ones.”(Frideres) . In America, it is typically racism against African Americans. This has been a major problem in America for years. The sad thing is racism against African Americans still remains a problem to our society because many people today believe that racism was abolished during the civil rights movement, leading them to believe that racism simply does not exist anymore. It may not be as self-evident as it was in the past, but it is still here today. Racism was wrong then, and it is still wrong now.
When people treat others based on the color of their skin it changes the way they view other people and nationalities. Racism in America degrades the image people have on other nationalities and races. As a result of this, it allows others to assume a group’s morals and traits are determined by color. “These fixed images shape and limit our attitudes about and behavior towards others.” (McKissacks 30).In the past African Americans were murdered for the color of their skin.Radical groups such as the KKK lynched blacks like crazy! They were not even judged by their merits or their good deeds. Judgement was made…

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