Racism, Racial, Religion, And Economic Status Essay

2536 Words Nov 21st, 2016 11 Pages
Aspen Thurmond
Dr. King
English 2327
29 November 2016
Racism?s Homeland The subject of racism is a topic that can be dated back to early America when Native Americans were often mocked, beaten, forcibly relocated, and turned away when in need of food or help from Americans. While ?racism? is a blanket term for race, ethnicity, religion, and economic status, we can see that it?s a topic that is highly opinionated and controversial which is why perhaps people evade discussing it and or writing about it in order to ?keep the peace? if you will. Rather than focusing on just one Author or literary work that reflects racism, I?m going to look at racism as a whole throughout history to analyze the factors and effects of racism in post and modern day America. Racism in America is an issue that seems to have no light at the end of it. While it is not hard to comprehend that racism is wrong, it is hard to change preconceived ideas about a certain race due to what has been taught to you through personal experience, news coverage, and or past behavior of that certain race. Until we, as a whole nation, are given the same skin color, religion, culture, and or lifestyle, racism will still occur, on a daily basis, all over the world. In this paragraph I will talk about the roots of racism or where it all manifested. I will look at the factors of early American racism and how it developed over time. We really start to see the beginning of racism in the 14th century when…

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