Racism Is The High Rate Of Violence Against Women Of Color Essay

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Lastly, race relations continue to reflect the incredibly important social implications of racism in current events. Examples such as the brutality faced by young Black men by the cops demonstrates the assumption that African-Americans are brutish and violent, characteristics given to them by scientists during the slave trade. One example of on going racism that goes unnoticed is the high rate of violence against women of color, specifically sexual violence. As mentioned before, the sexual promiscuity of African women was proven by the analysis of their large secondary sexual organs. The unfortunate trend of sexual violence against female slaves has continued into modern day; 18.8% of female rape victims are black, coming third to mixed race women (24.4%) and American Indian women (34.1%)1. These three groups have all been greatly affected by racism throughout American history and are clearly horribly affected by it today. Now we move on to the history of India and it 's relation to scientific racism. The area known as India has been inhabited by for centuries and is home to some of the earliest known civilizations. The first peoples of India were settled along the Indus River, in the Sind and Punjab regions of modern Pakistan.2 The major cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro are known for a sophistication that pre-dates the Aryan conquest that was once considered to be the beginning of true civilization in India. The reason for the collapse of the Indus River Valley…

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