Racism Is The Act Of One Race Essay

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Racism is the act of one race or religious group believing as though they are superior to another race or religion. In this case, the “superior” race would be whites and the “inferior” race would be any race other than white (Hispanic, african american, asian, etc.) It is stated in a website about race and racism that, “In the U.S., blacks, Mexicans, Chinese and Japanese immigrants were targets of discrimination in employment and property ownership.” This may not be happening in the modern era, but over a past history of hundreds of years it was seen as if white people were the race that controlled all the others. No it was not for the reason that they showed superior characteristics, the reason was their skin color. Anyone who wasn’t white was seen as a lower class, and treated in despicable ways that words can not begin to describe. Racism has been around for a longer period of time than most people may think. It is believed that these acts had been first seen around the thirteenth and fourteenth century where it was thought that Jewish people were somehow associated with witchcraft and the devil, himself. The act of racism was originally towards the Jews because of their religion, until people of darkened skin were later targeted because they had different colored skin than others. For that difference, they were tortured, beaten, and abused both physically and mentally. All because of their skin color. The first slaves had been brought in the year of 1619, by the Dutch.…

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